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Professional Counseling

We provide a faith-based approach to counseling for depression, anxiety, stress, panic disorders, alcohol, substance abuse, ADD and sensory or obsessive disorders.

Combining counseling with medication management can facilitate a better response and help you meet your goals. Our faith-based approach includes prayer as well as guided coaching towards vision and purpose for your life. You do not need to a have a practicing religious experience to meet with our counselors.

Executive Level Coaching

We provide a completely confidential, comprehensive, wellness evaluation and treatment plan for professionals who require anonymity. Although you may have a general medical providers, trainers and others who is helping you manage your mood and energy levels, we take a more comprehensive look in order to provide a holistic approach to the high paced, rapidly changing day to day challenges you may face. With a background in health and fitness, medication management and extensive experience in mental health analysis our providers treat each case with a fresh lens, often seeing what others have overlooked.

If you are battling symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, or even fighting suicidal ideations, let us introduce you to a new treatment approach that includes transmagnetic stimulation or TMS as a way to treat more than just depression. TMS is being used for ADD, PTSD and a variety of symptoms that may be limiting the focus and determination that you are required to show up with on a daily basis as you lead your organization or team. Our Fayetteville office uses a machine that performs TMS in a 20 minute or less session compared to the longer models other medical offices use in the Syracuse area. We will work with your schedule to get this specialized treatment that we have seen amazing results with. Call us today to make an appt. to allow us to partner with your wellness needs as a busy professional. With private hours and a dedicated entrance your safety, anonymity and balanced well-being is our focus.

Evaluation and Referrals

We provide evaluations and diagnostic clarifications for patients. If you are facing a life-changing diagnosis or course of action and would like or require a mental health evaluation, we can help.

Evaluations include second opinions prior to surgical procedures such as bariatric surgery or implantation procedures.

Our doctors and counselors perform diagnostic and referral services for patients with life threatening illnesses and crisis or trauma counseling.

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